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FFF Conference: End Inflation and End the Fed

Tuesday, November 22, 2022
Speaker: Ron Paul, Lawrence W. White, et. al.
World Wide Web
7:00pm — 7:00pm

With prices of gasoline, food, healthcare, automobiles, and other essentials rising across the board, U.S. officials and the mainstream press are playing the standard blame game — that rising prices are the fault of greedy business owners.

In actuality, there is one — and only one — cause of inflation–the Federal Reserve. To pay off the ever-increasing debt that federal officials have incurred to fund their massive welfare-state and warfare-state programs, the Fed has debased our currency for decades through inflationary expansion of the money supply.

Join us every Monday beginning October 3, 2022 for our new online conference “End Inflation and the Fed,” for a great series of lectures on the spending, debit, and inflation crisis facing our nation and what we need to do to restore sound money to our land.

Beginning Monday, October 3rd at 7 PM and continuing weekly through November 21st, The Future of Freedom Foundation will be hosting an online webinar entitled “End Inflation and End the Fed.” Speakers will include Richard M. Ebeling, Murray Sabrin, Keving Dowd, Phil Magness, Lawrence W. White, Robert E. Wright, Ron Paul, and Jacob G. Hornberger.

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