Donation of Stock and Planned Giving

Donation of Stock and Planned Giving

Donations of Stock

To make a stock donation, contact your broker and give him the following information:
  1. Stock to be sent to: USAA Investment Management Co.; DTC number: 0226
  2. Account name FFF, Inc
  3. FFF Account Number: RNQ733358
  4. Name of security being donated and number of shares being donated.

If your broker needs to talk to USAA, use this number: 800-531-8747.

Planned Giving

Over the years, planned giving has played an important role in sustaining FFF’s operations. Support FFF by naming The Future of Freedom Foundation as a beneficiary in your will or living trust, charitable gift annuity or trust, or life-insurance policy.

Questions? Contact Bart Frazier:  703-934-6101