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Libertarian Angle on the Road, Day 2


Last night, our Libertarian Angle college tour took us to Georgia Tech. After a 5-hour car trip from Jacksonville to Atlanta, during which Sheldon and I discussed every libertarian issue under the sun, we were geared up to do our program.

It was another great evening of libertarian conversation. The formula is working great—no organized lecture but instead a one-half hour informal, spontaneous conversation about libertarianism between Sheldon and me, followed by another half-hour of audience participation. People commented later that the program feels like more an intimate conversation rather than a formal program.

I began the discussion by pointing out to Sheldon what a disaster the welfare-warfare way of life has been. Not only has it failed to achieve its purported ends, it has also produced nothing but chaos, crisis, impoverishment, suffering, ruination of lives, and, of course, a loss of liberty. So, I said to Sheldon, why is it that Americans don’t immediately embrace libertarianism?

Sheldon pointed out that many people are afraid of freedom. The government has convinced them that the welfare state is absolutely essential to their survival and well-being and that the national-security state is necessary to the safety and security.

I responded that another part of the problem is that people have honestly been made to believe that they already are free, bringing to mind Goethe’s dictum that none are more hopelessly enslaved than those who falsely believe they are free.

That launched a free-wheeling discussion about the meaning of freedom, libertarianism, the welfare state, the drug war, and, of course, the warfare state. Once we had gone half an hour, we had a full, lively, and rewarding participation of the audience, who brought up some really great points and questions, on such topics as education, the NSA, and on whether and how we can actually prevail in our quest for a free society.

So, it was another really enjoyable evening. Thanks to the Young Americans for Liberty, once again, for putting these events together and hosting us. We understand that organizing these events takes a lot of time and effort and that it’s not easy to do so, especially given classes, exams, term papers, and other such things. So, we are very grateful.

One thing does stand out, which sure energizes Sheldon and me: Many of these students on the first two days have sure had fire in the belly for libertarianism and have done a lot of self-education on libertarianism! My hunch is that it must really intrigue those students who have just recently discovered libertarianism.

Now, it’s on to the University of Georgia in Athens. Location: Building Tate 481. We have been starting promptly at 7 p.m. I hope you’ll enjoy us for what I’m sure will be another intellectually enjoyable event on libertarianism.

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