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Mainstream Media Rule: Never Question the Warren Commission


Among the major unspoken tenets of mainstream journalism is: When it comes to the Kennedy assassination, never question or challenge the conclusions of the Warren Commission. Mainstream reporters and commentators learn early on that to violate this principal tenet is to place one’s career in the mainstream media in jeopardy.

Thus, if a person wants to educate himself on the faults, failures, and fallacies of the Warren Commission, he has to go to the Internet and to books rather than read newspapers or watch network television.

Let me give you a recent example of this mainstream tendency. USA Today, which is about as mainstream as you can get, published an article yesterday by a writer named Rick Jervis that profiled Dallas physician Ronald Jones, who is now 80 years old but who was a 30-year-old resident physician who attended to President Kennedy’s wounds at Parkland Hospital.

The article contains the following paragraph, the pertinent portion of which I have bolded:

The team of doctors performed a tracheotomy through Kennedy’s neck, pumped IV fluids through an incision in the upper left arm and tried massaging his chest back to life. Nothing worked. When the doctors saw how one of the bullets had shattered the back of Kennedy’s skull, they sensed the effort was fruitless, Jones said. An EKG machine showed no heart activity.

You would think that such a statement would have shocked Jervis. Why wouldn’t this reporter respond: “Dr. Jones, how is it possible that one of the bullets shattered the back of Kennedy’s skull, as you say, when the official U.S. military autopsy photos show that the back of Kennedy’s head to be fully intact?”?

Take a look at the following rendering of the official autopsy photograph of the back of Kennedy’s head that illustrator Ida Dox did for the House Select Committee on Assassinations in 1978:



Does it look like the back of Kennedy’s head is shattered?

No, it doesn’t.  That means that either Jones is mistaken or lying or that the official military autopsy photo of the back of Kennedy’s head falsely and fraudulently depicts its condition.

Dr. Jones wasn’t the only one who stated that there was a large exit wound in the back of Kennedy’s head. As I detailed in my June 4, 2013, article “JFK and the Deferentials,” those who confirmed the existence of such a wound in the back of Kennedy’s head included other treating physicians at Parkland, Dallas nurse Pat Hutton, Secret Service agent Clint Hill, Naval Photographic Center White House Lab photography officer Sandra Spencer, FBI agents James Sibert and Frank O’Neil, and others.

Does USA Today writer Jervis show any curiosity over the fact that Dr. Jones’ recollection of the condition of the back of JFK’s head as being shattered contradicts the official U.S. military autopsy photograph that shows the back of JFK’s head to be intact?

If he does, you certainly can’t tell it by reading the article. After citing Jones’ recollection that the back of Kennedy’s head had been shattered by a bullet, the article just blithely proceeds onward, with nary a mention of the problem.

Unfortunately that’s pretty much standard procedure for reporters and commentators in the mainstream media who address the Kennedy assassination.

For more detailed information on JFK’s autopsy, which was conducted by the U.S. military, and the critically important role it played in the cover-up of Kennedy’s murder, see my 11-part article “The Kennedy Autopsy.” Also, for the context of the Kennedy assassination within America’s national-security state apparatus, see my 12-part series “The Evil of the National Security State” as well as my recent article “No Military Coups for America? What About November 1963?” Also, see the newly posted article on FFF’s website by Douglas Horne, who served on the staff of the Assassination Records Review Board, entitled “JFK’s War on the National-Security Establishment: Why Kennedy Was Assassinated.”

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