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The Living Economics Book Celebration


Last night The Future of Freedom Foundation hosted a really nice event to celebrate Pete Boettke’s newest book, Living Economics, published by the Independent Institute. The event was held at Founder’s Hall at George Mason University at its Arlington, Virginia, campus.

Pete teaches economics at George Mason and is one of the most brilliant Austrian economists of our time. (Click here for a more detailed biography.) Pete is also a longtime friend of The Future of Freedom Foundation and a personal friend of mine. Since we have our ongoing Economic Liberty Lecture Series with the GMU Economics Society, a student-run group interested in libertarianism and Austrian economics, that made our event with Boettke doubly rewarding. In fact, Pete has been one of our speakers in that series.

We’ll have the video of the event posted within the next week. I think you’ll really enjoy it. It was a high-level, sophisticated presentation but an easily understandable discussion of economics, history of economic thought, and Austrian economics.

I welcomed the audience and introduced Pete and our two other panelists, Sheldon Richman and Chris Coyne. Sheldon is vice president of FFF and editor of our monthly journal Future of Freedom. (See here for a more detailed bio.) Chris is the F.A. Harper Professor of Economics at George Mason. (See here for a more detailed bio.)

Pete went first with a 30-minute summation of the book, and Sheldon and Chris followed with 15-minute commentaries.

That left about 50 minutes for discussion, which turned out to be like a friendly, intimate conversation in someone’s living room between the audience and the presenters.

Like I say, we’ll be posting the video of the event soon. And in his TGIF column tomorrow, Sheldon will be talking further about this great book.

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