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On the Glenn Beck Program


I had a fantastic time advancing libertarianism on the Glenn Beck Program yesterday with my good friend Jack Hunter, who served as the moderator for our two College Civil Liberties Tours last year, and my new friend Zach Slayback, a brilliant libertarian student at the University of Pennsylvania. All three of us were in Beck’s studio in Irving, Texas.

Beck began the show with a great introduction about liberty, libertarianism, totalitarianism, and America’s founding principles. Then the three of us came on for the second half of the show to discuss principles of libertarianism and what we can do to advance them more effectively. It turned out to be a really nice, constructive, informal discussion.

In fact, we were all having such a good time we even continued the discussion during the commercial breaks! At the end of the program, it was clear that Beck himself enjoyed the exchange and I wouldn’t be surprised to see more libertarians appearing on his show in the future. Given his wide popularity and his very impressive broadcasting operation, I think this is a great opportunity for libertarians to reach a wider audience of receptive people with libertarian ideas and philosophy.

We’re hoping to secure a link to the archive of the show to share with you in case you missed the live broadcast. If we are successful, the link will be in our FFF Daily (subscribe here for free) within the next few days. In the meantime, here’s a snippet from the show.

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