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A Grand FFF Event in Pennsylvania


Last Friday, we participated in one of the nicest and classiest affairs in FFF’s 21-year history. It was hosted by longtime FFF supporter Bob Bowers, who also serves on FFF’s board of trustees. The event took place at the Heidelberg Country Club, a beautiful place in the foothills near Bernville, Pennsylvania.

About 85 people attended. The evening started out with a cocktail reception that included a great 4-piece band and a nice dance floor. After a couple of hours of socializing and dancing, we were treated to a very delicious buffet dinner. After dinner, everyone partook in a fantastic dessert cake that had been baked in the form of the FFF logo.

Longtime FFF friend and supporter Ken Sturzenacker introduced Jim Bovard and me. Jim gave his speech on the war on terrorism, followed by Q&A, and then I gave my talk on the importance of economic liberty and civil liberties, followed by Q&A. Both talks were videotaped and we’ll be linking to them in our FFF Email Update. I think you’ll especially enjoy the Q&A, as the questions were very insightful and the discussion fun and even a bit volatile!

A special thanks to Bob and Leda Bowers for organizing the program, Ken Sturzenacker for his kind words, the sponsors who helped underwrite the conference, and everyone who attended this grand event.

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