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FFF Articles consists of every article that has ever been published by The Future of Freedom Foundation in reverse chronological order from our inception in 1989 to date. You can also search for FFF articles on the right side of the page under Find Freedom on FFF.

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It’s Not Just the Unborn Being Denied Rights Under the Constitution

“The unborn person doesn’t have constitutional rights.”—Hillary Clinton, Meet the Press (April 3, 2016) When presidential candidate Hillary Clinton declares that unborn babies do not have constitutional rights, she’s not just spouting partisan rhetoric in the heated national debate over abortion. She’s providing us with a glimpse into an increasingly troubling mindset among government officials who ... [click for more]

What Sports Can Teach Us about Politics

What can sports teach us about civil society and federal agencies like the Department of Health and Human Services? In his most famous speech, Senator Robert A. Taft (1889–1953) answered that question. Taft was a passionate defender of private enterprise in domestic policy as well as non-intervention in foreign affairs. This made him oppose the New Deal policies adopted under ... [click for more]

Obama’s “Middle Way” Between Capitalism and Socialism Means Less Liberty

During his trip to Argentina in March 2016, President Barack Obama participated in an exchange of ideas with a group of young Argentinian men and women. At one point in the discussion, President Obama explained how he sees that great rivalry in ideas and economic policy between “capitalism” and “socialism” over the last one hundred years. In a nutshell, he ... [click for more]

Fascism, American Style

“If we define an American fascist as one who in case of conflict puts money and power ahead of human beings, then there are undoubtedly several million fascists in the United States.” ― Henry A. Wallace, 33rd Vice President of the United States This is an indictment of every politician who has ever sold us out for the sake ... [click for more]

Service Dogs and a Free Society

I can remember when I was a kid that some stores would have a notice posted on the front door or window that dogs were not allowed in the store except for guide dogs leading the blind. Like any kid, I thought it would be a cool thing to be able to see one of these dogs, but I ... [click for more]

This Year’s Presidential Politics Equals Continuing Big Government

The daily and unending bombardment of political campaign reporting and news, with its “drama” about who will be the Republican and Democratic Party candidates for the U.S. presidency, hides from view the continuing and real choice facing the American public: freedom or statism, individual liberty or government control. This real underlying question is hidden from view because the media coverage ... [click for more]
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