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Amerexit from NATO

President Obama is traveling to Warsaw, Poland, to attend the July 8-9 summit of NATO, the post-World War II, Cold War-era dinosaur organization that unfortunately failed to go out of existence once the Cold War was over. NATO was brought into existence in 1949, two years after the United States was converted into a national-security state to wage the Cold ...

Rodrigo Duterte: New Drug War Poster Child

If you would like to see where “winning” the drug war would take America, consider what Philippines’ President Rodrigo Duterte, who is undoubtedly the new poster boy of very American drug-war proponent, is doing in that country. Winning the presidential election on a platform of “crushing crime,” Duterte has gone on a rampage of state violence in an attempt to ...

A Great Article on the Fourth of July

Elizabeth Cobbs, the Melbern Glasscock chair of American history at Texas A&M and a research fellow at Stanford’s Hoover Institution, has penned one of the most astute op-eds on foreign policy in recent times. Her article, entitled “For U.S. Foreign Policy, It’s Time to Look Again at the Founding Fathers’ ‘Great Rule,’” was published in the Los Angeles ...

Nine Points to Ponder About the Fourth of July

There are some significant points to ponder about the Fourth of July, among which are: 1. The men who signed the Declaration of Independence were not American citizens. They were British citizens. They were every much citizens of England as Americans today are citizens of the United States. They were simply British citizens living abroad, much as many Americans today live ...

When Did America’s Obsession with Islam Begin?

Discussions and debate about Islam are all over America. Islam is not only a central issue in the presidential race, it is also the subject of endless discussions within the mainstream media, the educational establishment, and, of course, the Internet. Debates rage over such issues as: Are all Muslims dangerous or just radical Muslims? Is America in danger of replacing ...

Hating Turkey for Its Freedom and Values?

Those who blame anti-American terrorism on radical Islam, the Koran, the quest for a worldwide caliphate, regular Muslims, or hatred for America’s freedom and values are a bit stymied by the recent terrorist attack in Istanbul, Turkey. They just don’t know what to say. Why? Because over 90 percent of Turkey is Muslim! Obviously that puts the Islam-Koran-Muslims-caliphate crowd into a ...

Federal Drug Enforcement Tyranny in Colorado and Washington

Although Colorado and Washington have legalized the sale and possession of marijuana for recreational purposes, possession and distribution of the drug remain a crime under federal law. However, the U.S. government, including the DEA, has been exempting the residents of those two states from federal drug law enforcement. That is obviously a good thing for people selling or consuming marijuana in ...

The U.S. National-Security State’s Murder of Victor Jara

Prescript: (1) George Leef has a great article on gun control and the Second Amendment, which cites my recent blog post How They Could Confiscate Your AR-15. His article, which is entitled “Law Professor Demands Repeal of ‘Outdated’ Second Amendment, Makes Very Weak Case,” is really worth reading. (2) At LewRockwell.com, in an interesting blog post entitled “Hollywoodism,” ...
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