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More Blowback in Orlando

Among the most fascinating aspects of the horror in Orlando is how the mainstream media steadfastly and scrupulously avoids talking about the big elephant in the room: blowback. That is, the natural and foreseeable consequences of U.S. government’s interventionist foreign policy in the Middle East, which includes acts of anti-American terrorism. We hear about the self-radicalization of Omar Mateen, the ...

Free Enterprise Is a Right, Not a Privilege

In an implicit acknowledgment of the failure of socialism, the communist regime in Cuba has announced that it is legalizing thousands of private businesses, according to an article in the Wall Street Journal. The government wants to encourage more entrepreneurship with its legalization plan. According to the article, “The government also underscored that private enterprise has a positive role ...

Swiss Voters Reject Economic Stupidity

Give Swiss voters credit — well, at least 77 percent of them. In a recent national referendum, they overwhelmingly rejected a proposal that would have guaranteed each Swiss adult a monthly payment of $2,560 from the Swiss government. Just think: the payment was going to be free, just like Social Security, Medicaid, farm subsidies, food stamps, and education grants ...

Just Come Home and Leave North Korea Alone

For more than 50 years, U.S. officials have been imposing sanctions on North Korea. Their objective has been twofold: One, to bring about regime change in that country by making the North Korean people suffer so much economically that they either revolt against their communist regime or support a military coup that brings a pro-U.S. regime into power. Two, to induce ...

A Powerful Government and a Weak Nation

One of the prime characteristics of our age is the tendency of Americans to conflate the federal government and our country. We see this especially in the realm of foreign policy, where people praise the troops for their service to their country when, in fact, the troops are doing nothing more than serving the national-security branch of the federal ...

Muhammad Ali versus the National Security State

While everyone today is celebrating the life of Muhammad Ali, who passed away last Friday, such was clearly not the case back in the 1960s, when Ali took on the vast and powerful U.S. national-security establishment with his steadfast refusal to be conscripted to “serve” in the U.S. Army, which would have sent him to Vietnam to fight and ...
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