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The U.S. Government’s Power to Assassinate

Throughout the presidential campaign, including the presidential debates, among the issues that have not been raised or discussed is the federal government’s power to assassinate. The power to assassinate is now consider an accepted power of the federal government. In fact, most people, especially mainstream reporters and pundits, treat federal assassinations with blasé and nonchalance. Most people undoubtedly believe that ...

Mainstream Blindness Over Duterte

One of the most fascinating and revealing aspects of Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte’s announcement of a “separation” from the United States has been the common reaction of the mainstream press. Practically all of the editorials and op-eds are condemning Duterte’s “anti-American” action and saying that it runs contrary to the pro-American sentiments of the Filipino people. Why is that phenomenon ...

Should America Pardon the U.S. National Security State?

Several weeks ago, contemporaneously with the release of Oliver Stone’s excellent movie Snowden, friends and admirers of Edward Snowden launched a campaign to have President Obama pardon him for disclosing the NSA’s super-secret illegal surveillance scheme to the American people and the world. The reasons for the pardon request were excellently summarized in an op-ed that appeared in the ...

The Philippines and the U.S. Turn to Empire

Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte’s decision to separate from the U.S. Empire provides a good opportunity to review a bit of U.S. history to remind ourselves how it is that the United States abandoned its heritage of limited government and ended up embracing imperialism and interventionism. The big turning point was the Spanish American War in 1898. While the United ...

Hillary Clinton’s Abuse of Women

No one would ever accuse liberals of being consistent or of lacking in hypocrisy. One of the best examples of their duplicity and two-facedness, of course, is with respect to their support for the horrific mistreatment of illegal immigrants through immigration controls, even while they tell everyone how much they love the poor, needy, and disadvantaged with their support ...

Yankee, Go Home! … from the Philippines

Who would have ever thought that the drug war would end up producing a good result? Yet, that is precisely what is happening before our eyes in Asia, where Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte has declared a separation of the Philippines from the United States, which might mean a re-closing of U.S. imperial bases within the country. (The U.S. military ...

Paranoid Apoplexy Over the Russkies

As I watch the paranoid apoplexy that U.S. officials and their acolytes in the mainstream press are displaying over the hacking of Democratic Party computers and the disclosure of their emails, I’m tempted to say that it might all be some sort of karmic justice. But since I’m a Christian rather than a Buddhist, I’m more tempted to say ...

Don’t Forget Box 13

For the life of me, I just don’t get why the mainstream press and Hillary Clinton are so outraged over Donald Trump’s refusal in the debate last night to accept the results of the presidential election in advance. What’s wrong with waiting to see if an election is crooked before agreeing to abide by its results? Or are Clinton ...

Why Obama’s Presidency Failed

Remember “hope and change”? That was the slogan that President Obama used to get elected president. Today, eight years later, the slogan only serves as a sad reminder that Americans ended up with no hope or change but instead with nothing more than a failed presidency. On the domestic level, liberals hoped that Obama would finally make the welfare state ...

Economic Growth Isn’t Going to Happen

Among the most popular questions that the mainstream press asks Democratic and Republican presidential candidates every election cycle is, “What are you going to do restore growth to the economy?” Each time, the candidates dutifully respond with some sort of nonsensical tripe, such as “I’m going to restore growth to America by bringing jobs to people,” which always seems ...

The Horror of Endless Interventionism

When the U.S. government invaded Iraq in 2003, I wonder how many U.S. officials contemplated the possibility that the cycle of death and destruction that they were initiating would be continuing 13 years later. And yet, here we are — more than a decade after Operation Iraqi Freedom was launched — and U.S. and Iraqi soldiers are, once again, ...

Prepare Yourself for Blowback from Yemen

If there is another terrorist attack on U.S. soil, this time because of the death and destruction that the U.S. government is wreaking in Yemen, I can already hear the laments and complaints of statist-Americans: “Oh my gosh, another terrorist attack against us! Why do the terrorists and the Muslims hate us for our freedom and values? Why can’t ...
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