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The Moral Bankruptcy of the Left

All those leftist protestors who are crying and wailing over Donald Trump’s election are only showing how the liberal movement has become as morally bankrupt as the conservative movement. After all, consider what they could be protesting. They could be protesting the 15 years of continuous death and destruction at the hands of the U.S. national security state in Afghanistan ...

Trump: Don’t Follow the Bush-Obama Foreign Policy Legacy

Eight years ago, President Obama had a chance to change the warmongering direction that outgoing President Bush and the U.S. national-security establishment had led America for the previous eight years. Obama could have said, “Enough is enough. America has done enough killing and dying. I’m going to lead our country in a different direction — toward peace, prosperity, and ...

Freedom, Despite a New Democratically Elected Dictator

For the last year, the American people have had their fun, what with all those presidential candidates catering to them, being nice to them, offering them goodies, and saying all sorts of nice things about them. Tomorrow, however, the roles reverse once again. Either Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump will be in charge. One of them will assume his or ...

Another U.S. Massacre in Afghanistan

The latest massacre of many innocent people by U.S. forces in Afghanistan provides another demonstration as to why it is imperative that the American people stop deferring to the authority of the national security state and demand the immediate withdrawal of all U.S. forces from Afghanistan. In a war that has now gone on for 16 years, U.S. forces just ...

Continued CIA Secrecy in the JFK Assassination?

Not surprisingly, among the issues that the mainstream media has never raised during the presidential race is that of the CIA’s secret documents and records relating to the assassination of President Kennedy that are set to finally be released in October 2017. Imagine that: a 54-year delay in releasing records that relate to what was supposedly just a lone-nut murder ...

Washington’s Meddling in Foreign Elections

As U.S. officials continue to accuse Russia of meddling with the U.S. presidential election, an accusation that they have provided no evidence whatsoever to support, let’s review some of the U.S. government’s history of meddling with elections in others countries. 1. In 1951, the democratically elected parliament of Iran elected a man named Mohammad Mossadegh to be Iran’s prime minister. ...

Purchasing Loyalty with Foreign Aid

A dispute that is taking place between Saudi Arabia and Egypt indirectly demonstrates the nature of U.S. foreign aid. After dumping a walloping $25 billion in foreign aid to help the Egyptian military dictatorship’s economic woes, the Saudis are hopping mad. Why? Because last month in the United Nations, contrary to Saudi Arabia’s wishes, Egypt voted in favor of a Russian ...

Just Abolish the FBI

Clinton’s assets within the mainstream press are on the warpath over FBI Director James Comey’s decision to advise Congress that the FBI had discovered additional evidence in his investigation of Hillary Clinton’s email scandal. Given the possibility that the announcement could influence people to vote against Clinton, Clinton’s supporters are saying that Comey should have kept the ...

The U.S. Government’s Power to Assassinate

Throughout the presidential campaign, including the presidential debates, among the issues that have not been raised or discussed is the federal government’s power to assassinate. The power to assassinate is now consider an accepted power of the federal government. In fact, most people, especially mainstream reporters and pundits, treat federal assassinations with blasé and nonchalance. Most people undoubtedly believe that ...

Mainstream Blindness Over Duterte

One of the most fascinating and revealing aspects of Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte’s announcement of a “separation” from the United States has been the common reaction of the mainstream press. Practically all of the editorials and op-eds are condemning Duterte’s “anti-American” action and saying that it runs contrary to the pro-American sentiments of the Filipino people. Why is that phenomenon ...

Should America Pardon the U.S. National Security State?

Several weeks ago, contemporaneously with the release of Oliver Stone’s excellent movie Snowden, friends and admirers of Edward Snowden launched a campaign to have President Obama pardon him for disclosing the NSA’s super-secret illegal surveillance scheme to the American people and the world. The reasons for the pardon request were excellently summarized in an op-ed that appeared in the ...

The Philippines and the U.S. Turn to Empire

Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte’s decision to separate from the U.S. Empire provides a good opportunity to review a bit of U.S. history to remind ourselves how it is that the United States abandoned its heritage of limited government and ended up embracing imperialism and interventionism. The big turning point was the Spanish American War in 1898. While the United ...
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