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The Humorous Hypocrisy of Conservatives

Peter Wehner, who works at a conservative organization called the Ethics and Public Policy Center and who worked in the last three Republican administrations, recently had an op-ed entitled “The Indelible Stain of Donald Trump” in the New York Times, a piece that would cause any libertarian to bust a gut in laughter. That’s not to say that ...

Orlando: Islam or Blowback?

Prescript: (1) Last Thursday I appeared on a great television show on a local access station in Arlington, Virginia. It’s entitled “The Square Circle” and features a host and 3 panelists. The topic this week was “The Orlando Massacre.” It was a lively discussion that covered various aspects of the massacre. After the show, the director said that it was ...

Interventionism Is a Rotten Tree with Rotten Fruit

Fifty-one State Department officials are calling on President Obama to expand U.S. interventionism in Syria by initiating a bombing campaign against the Syrian government. Apparently they’re not satisfied with the great “success” that their philosophy of interventionism has brought to Iraq, Libya, Syria, Pakistan, Yemen and the rest of the Middle East. They want the U.S. national-security state’s death ...

Interventionism, Not Islam, Is the Problem

President Obama, Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton, and others of the mainstream interventionist ilk continue to debate whether the terrorist problem that America is facing is due to radical Muslims or regular Muslims. Depending on where they come out on that question, their solutions inevitably encompass more destruction of American liberty and privacy, such as with gun control, immigration controls, ...

Obama, Clinton, and Trump Are Wrong on Orlando

Give Donald Trump credit. With his call to ban all Muslims from coming into the United States, he has drawn President Obama into the political fray. Trump’s position is that the anti-American terrorist problem lies with all Muslims, insinuating that deep down they are all enemies of America and the West and, therefore, should be barred from coming into the ...

Orlando, Gun Control, and Thanking the Troops

There are two aspects of the Orlando massacre that are predictable. One, the massacre has generated the customary calls for gun control. That always happens after every terrorist attack. Note something important about the Orlando attack: It took place in a gun-free zone. Under Florida law, it is illegal to possess guns in places that sell alcohol. The nightclub where the ...
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