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An Exceptional and Indispensable Nation

Hillary Clinton’s recent speech to the American Legion confirms the following: If you have liked the last 16 years of Bush-Obama, you’re going to love the next four years under a Clinton presidency. Her definition of “exceptionalism,” “indispensability,” and “leadership” means four more years of welfare, the drug war, bureaucracy, rules and regulations, invasions, occupations, regime-change operations, coups, support ...

Public-School Indoctrination in China … and Here

Prescript: This morning, we posted Part 2 of Richard Ebeling’s great nine-part video series, “Understanding Austrian Economics.” It can be seen here. Our new ebook by Richard, Austrian Economics and Public Policy, has reached #4 on Amazon’s list of bestselling ebooks on Economic Theory and #4 on Amazon’s list of ebooks on Political Freedom. Buy the ...

Kaepernick Has It Wrong on the Military

Amidst all the hub-hub over San Francisco quarterback Colin Kaepernick’s refusal to stand for the national anthem, hardly anyone is noticing how wrong-headed his views are on the military. Explaining that his protest is intended to call attention only to police abuse of African-Americans, Kaepernick clarified that he was not protesting the military. He stated: I have great respect ...

Should States Control Their Borders?

Given the decades-long, ongoing controversy over immigration, a question must naturally be asked: Should the states of the United States be given the authority to control their respective borders? That is, should they have the same power to control their borders that the federal government has to control the nation’s borders. To clarify, I’m not asking whether state borders should be ...

Obama’s Condor

For the life of me, I don’t see any difference in principal between Operation Condor, the international assassination program being run out of Chile in the 1970s under Gen. Augusto Pinochet, and the international assassination program being run by President Obama, the Pentagon, and the CIA. Indeed, it seems rather bizarre to me that Argentine and Chilean officials are ...

FFF’s Austrian Economics Project

If you have ever wanted an easy-to-understand explanation of the principles of Austrian economics and their application to real-world economic problems — or just wanted a refresher course on the subject — you now have it. We have just launched our Austrian Economics Project, which consists of a 9-part video lecture series entitled “An Introduction to Austrian Economics” (See ...

Sell Amtrak

If we learned anything from the 20th century, it’s that socialism is a disaster. It never works. It never has worked. It  never will work. It is an inherently defective system. So, why is it then that Americans continue to embrace socialist programs? Among the best examples of this phenomenon is Amtrak, the government-owned and government-operated passenger train service. Recently Amtrak received ...

Regal Cinema’s Stupid Gun Policy

Regal Cinemas, the largest movie theater chain in the country, has a gun policy that prohibits people from bringing guns into its movie theaters. That includes people with concealed-carry permits. That is one stupid policy. In Virginia, where I live, people with concealed-carry permits are legally permitted to carry concealed guns, with certain exceptions. One of those exceptions is when a ...
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