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The Left’s Attacks on Gary Johnson

Polls have shown that Libertarian Party candidate Gary Johnson is attracting an extraordinarily large number of votes from millennials and also that he is taking more votes away from Hillary Clinton than from Donald Trump. That has put liberals, including those in the mainstream press, in a quandary. Should they ignore Johnson or should they attack him? After initially deciding to ignore ...

The Atlantic’s Keynesian Attack on Gary Johnson

If you want to get a good idea of the damage that is done to students who take economics courses in most colleges and universities, just take a look at a The Atlantic’s October 3 attack on Libertarian Party presidential candidate Gary Johnson, entitled, “No, Not Gary Johnson: The Libertarian Candidate Puts a Likable Face on a Deeply ...

Left-Wing Panic Over Gary Johnson, Part 3

Given that Hillary Clinton is unable to use her support of indefinite war in the Middle East and Afghanistan and her commitment to continue the drug war indefinitely, both of which involve continued death, destruction, and corruption, to induce young people to abandon their support of Libertarian Party presidential candidate Gary Johnson (see part 1 and part ...

Left-Wing Panic Over Gary Johnson, Part 2

As Hillary Clinton and her left-wing supporters try desperately to persuade millennials to abandon their support for Libertarian Party presidential candidate Gary Johnson and vote for her instead, her foreign-policy position in the Middle East, which, as  I pointed out yesterday in part 1 of this blog post, entails a continuation of the 25-year-long U.S. campaign of death ...

Left-Wing Panic Over Gary Johnson, Part 1

Leftists are in a full-blown panic over Libertarian Party candidate Gary Johnson. I’ve never seen anything like it. After ignoring the LP candidate for president for years, suddenly there is a spate of op-eds and editorials from all over the mainstream press feverishly coming out against Johnson and exhorting young people to vote for Democratic Party candidate Hillary Clinton ...

FFF Ebooks Update

Our newest ebook, Austrian Economics and Public Policy: Restoring Freedom and Prosperity by Richard M. Ebeling, hit #1 on Amazon’s bestselling ebooks on economic theory, #3 on ebooks on political freedom, and #11 in all books on political freedom. Monetary Central Planning and the State by Richard M. Ebeling also hit #1 in ebooks on political ...

Questions for the Presidential Debates

Idiot questions to ask the presidential candidates at the debates: Why haven’t you disclosed your income tax returns? Where do you think President Obama was born? What are you going to do to create jobs? What are you going to do about a “leppo”? Who is your favorite dictator in the world? What do you think is the ...

Why Trump and Clinton Have Gotten on Top

One of the most fascinating aspects of the 2016 presidential race is the large number of people who continue to ask, “How is it possible that in a nation of 300 million people, we ended up with two horrendous presidential candidates like Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump?” There is an explanation for this phenomenon but it’s one that all too ...
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